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Thuvaraka is not loyal enough at times. She shines as being a gracious person. Some people describe Thuvaraka as a amiable person. Being serious is a descriptive trait for Thuvaraka. She is famous for being original most of the time. She is best at being sweet. She is usually a energetic person. Thuvaraka is irreverent. One of the weak trait of Thuvaraka is being well-read. She is not best at being a persuasive person. Thuvaraka is rarely abrasive. She is well known as being a suave person. She is rarely a huried person. She is nowhere near being a ruined person.

Thuvaraka’s Name Persona


Thuvaraka’s Name Statistics

Thuvaraka is a female name by
Thuvaraka is a modern name by score of
Thuvaraka is a rare name by score of

Thuvaraka’s Lifetime Aura

MONEY (67)
LOVE (71)

TOTAL AURA (398 out of 500)
  • #1872 in top health aura list
  • #34764 in top family aura list
  • #80614 in top success aura list
  • #103447 in top love aura list
  • #117531 in top money aura list

Thuvaraka’s Daily Horoscope

Aries for Thuvaraka points at humanitarian work. You need to escape from the pressures of everyday life in order to re-energize yourself. You are feeling limited or restricted in some aspect of your life. You are being prevented from fully expressing yourself.

Taurus for Thuvaraka points at pace of your life. You need to learn to prioritize and balance aspects of your life. Perhaps you are concerned about issues with fertility, cancer or venereal diseases. You are feeling drained or emotionally impoverished.

Gemini for Thuvaraka points at school and learning. You are concentrating on your own self-development and individuation. You are repressing your sorrow or grief. You are facing some uncertainty in your life.

Cancer for Thuvaraka points at money or lack of in your pocket. You don’t feel deserving of certain things. You are being overly lackadaisical about a situation or problem. Nothing is holding you back.

Leo for Thuvaraka points at cluttered thoughts and confusion of ideas. You feel restricted in some way. You need to approach your goals with practicality. Perhaps you are trying to decide between two options.

Virgo for Thuvaraka points at phoniness, fakeness and deceit. You are involved in a situation that is destructive to your well being. You are on the verge of losing your temper. You need to let down your guard.

Libra for Thuvaraka points at your hidden talents. Perhaps you are trying to pursue a love interest. You are hypersensitive or that your senses are heightened. You are afraid of change.

Scorpio for Thuvaraka points at your appreciation for the things you have and the things you have access to. Perhaps you have been overlooking or ignoring something in your relationship. You need to be reenergized. You need to be more assertive and stand up for yourself.

Sagittarius for Thuvaraka points at fortitude and your ability to offer happiness to others. Your agility and stealth will get you what you want. What starts out as something small may generate into something grander and greater. You have a fear of being exposed.

Capricorn for Thuvaraka points at your individualism. You are being verbally attacked by those you thought were your friends. You need to cut-out or eliminate something from your life. You need to be more flexible.

Aquarius for Thuvaraka points at the transfer of ideas and advices from one person to another. You have a tendency to ignore things until it is right in front of you. You need to be more hands on in some situation or relationship. Others are looking up to you.

Pisces for Thuvaraka points at fertility, abundance, or your need to be sheltered and protected. You are being recognized. You may be acting too hasty and need to slow down. You are trying to be defiant without appearing confrontational.

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