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Raaj is not best at being a romantic person. He is not courteous enough at times. He is usually a urbane person. He is well known as being a humorous person. Being fair is a descriptive trait for Raaj. Raaj is rarely complacent. He shines as being a polished person. One of the weak trait of Raaj is being kind. He is best at being idealistic. Raaj is ordinary. Some people describe Raaj as a playful person. He is nowhere near being a deceitful person. He is famous for being steady most of the time. He is rarely a noncommittal person.

Raaj’s Name Persona


Raaj’s Name Statistics

Raaj is a male name by
Raaj is a modern name by score of
Raaj is a rare name by score of

Raaj’s Lifetime Aura

MONEY (70)
LOVE (92)

TOTAL AURA (402 out of 500)
  • #17265 in top love aura list
  • #26063 in top success aura list
  • #78120 in top family aura list
  • #93242 in top health aura list
  • #105280 in top money aura list

Raaj’s Daily Horoscope

Aries for Raaj points at the spiritual realm and the supernatural. You are recognizing your roots and where you came from. You are reevaluating your path in life. Something may be perfect for you.

Taurus for Raaj points at emotions and issues that you have overlooked in your life. You are in denial about some aspects of yourself. You tend to put the needs of others ahead of your own. You need to incorporate some attributes into a situation in your daily life.

Gemini for Raaj points at your anticipation of a trip. You are enjoying your position of power. You are experiencing a sense of calm and refreshment. You will find closure to those unresolved issues.

Cancer for Raaj points at pressures about your weight and body issues. You are less than proud of yourself with something that you did. You are experimenting with your inner feelings, beliefs, or fears. You have a tendency to overlook things.

Leo for Raaj points at unexpected trouble. You win at something. You are going against your conscience. There is something that needs your immediate attention.

Virgo for Raaj points at ending something abruptly or quickly. You feel victimized emotionally. There is no turning back in what you do. You are kicking your old negative habits and throwing away your bad characteristics and unwanted traits.

Libra for Raaj points at spiritual protection and enlightenment. You need to take a second look at your motives and actions. Some protective force is watching over you. You are worried about your well being.

Scorpio for Raaj points at a need for communication. You are seeking self-improvement. Your mind may be preoccupied with a deadline that you have to meet or some other time-sensitive issue. You are being manipulated or influenced to your demise.

Sagittarius for Raaj points at illumination, clarity, guidance, plain understanding and insight. You don’t care how things get done as long as it gets done quickly. Too much information is coming at you at the same time. You feel there are no restrictions to hold you back.

Capricorn for Raaj points at force or willpower. You need to get out there and be more active. You need to exercise more. Some decision or nagging problem from your life has crept into your dream. You are acknowledging and accepting some aspect of a person within your own self.

Aquarius for Raaj points at blooming love or a new developing relationship. You need to express your feelings in a more direct manner. It is time for self-exploration, self-reflection and introspection. Your true self is lost or blurred.

Pisces for Raaj points at severe jealousy. You are too submissive when it comes to friendship. You are expending too much energy and are in danger of depleting your inner resources. You need to pick up your pace and work on achieving your goals more quickly and efficiently.

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