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Leilah-Mae is nowhere near being a willful person. She shines as being a esthetic person. Being hearty is a descriptive trait for Leilah-Mae. She is famous for being gracious most of the time. Leilah-Mae is rarely obvious. She is usually a amiable person. She is rarely a freewheeling person. Some people describe Leilah-Mae as a insightful person. She is not best at being a lovable person. One of the weak trait of Leilah-Mae is being forgiving. She is best at being witty. Leilah-Mae is conservative. She is well known as being a decent person. She is not well-rounded enough at times.

Leilah-Mae’s Name Persona


Leilah-Mae’s Name Statistics

Leilah-Mae is a female name by
Leilah-Mae is a modern name by score of
Leilah-Mae is a rare name by score of

Leilah-Mae’s Lifetime Aura

MONEY (72)
LOVE (87)

TOTAL AURA (370 out of 500)
  • #36556 in top love aura list
  • #60934 in top health aura list
  • #97071 in top money aura list
  • #126376 in top family aura list
  • #127586 in top success aura list

Leilah-Mae’s Daily Horoscope

Aries for Leilah-Mae points at your adventurous and daring nature. Something in your life is unsuitable. You are emotionally frigid. You are experiencing renewed hope.

Taurus for Leilah-Mae points at a loss of freedom. You feel lost and that there is no way out. There is a lack of excitement and energy in your life. You need to emotionally withdraw yourself from a situation in order to regain some control, structure and order.

Gemini for Leilah-Mae points at dissatisfaction with a relationship/situation or some pent up anger. You have poor self image or poor health. You are unable to recover from a setback or that you are unable to overcome some problem. You are recognizing that someone is forcing their negative and unwelcome views/values on you.

Cancer for Leilah-Mae points at your emotinal desires. You need to focus on you and only you. You are being a little show-offy. You want to escape from your current responsibilities and be worry free.

Leo for Leilah-Mae points at your pursuit for pleasure. You strive for perfection. You have a high sense of self worth. Those around you are working to advance their own interest.

Virgo for Leilah-Mae points at thoughtfulness, remembrance and nobility of the mind. Perhaps, you want to be elevated in someone’s eyes. You are taking major steps toward some goal. It is time to make the headlines.

Libra for Leilah-Mae points at your concerns with your looks. You need to reconsider some issue or situation before committing to it. Somebody or somethign forces you to acknowledge your authoritative and aggressive side. You need to slow down and not try to please everyone.

Scorpio for Leilah-Mae points at your need to reach out to others. Perhaps there is something that someone is trying to hide. You are trying to create a sense of calm around yourself. You are so focused on the responsibilities of your daily life that you forget to stop and enjoy the smaller things.

Sagittarius for Leilah-Mae points at your need for attention and your need to be admired. It is time to end a harming situation or relationship. You need to consider alternatives to your way of thinking. You want to feel whole or you need to be more well-rounded.

Capricorn for Leilah-Mae points at aspects of yourself that are being joined together as a whole. You need to be more in tune to your thoughts and to your intuition. If you do not address some emotional issues, you will feel confined and even suffocated. You are trying not to let certain things bother you, but it is eating away at your subconscious.

Aquarius for Leilah-Mae points at dissatisfaction with a relationship/situation or some pent up anger. You are projecting your emotional wounds and painful experiences onto others. You are left out on something or someone is hiding information from you. You are not expressing yourself in a healthy manner.

Pisces for Leilah-Mae points at small annoyances and minor problems. Your achievements will not be as successful as you had anticipated. You are no longer able to express yourself in the same way as you did in the past. You or someone is ignorant.

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