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Julie is rarely a unambitious person. Julie is unceremonious. One of the weak trait of Julie is being genuine. She is nowhere near being a superficial person. She is not best at being a disciplined person. She is usually a lyrical person. She is not curious enough at times. She is well known as being a firm person. She shines as being a freethinking person. Julie is rarely mannered. Some people describe Julie as a idealistic person. Being athletic is a descriptive trait for Julie. She is famous for being adventurous most of the time. She is best at being creative.

Julie’s Name Persona


Julie’s Name Statistics

Julie is a female name by
Julie is a modern name by score of
Julie is a popular name by score of

Julie’s Lifetime Aura

MONEY (65)
LOVE (64)

TOTAL AURA (347 out of 500)
  • #70343 in top success aura list
  • #77941 in top family aura list
  • #125188 in top money aura list
  • #131446 in top love aura list
  • #140650 in top health aura list

Julie’s Daily Horoscope

Aries for Julie points at monotony and endless repetition. You need to think twice about repeating or sharing certain information. You are releasing all those pent up emotions and negative feelings. Your emotional needs are not being met.

Taurus for Julie points at severe jealousy. You may be locking away your own inner feelings and emotions. You are feeling helpless to do anything or are lacking motivation and desire to move forward with your plans. You are experiencing some physical limitations.

Gemini for Julie points at enlightenment, knowledge and spiritual guidance. You are feeling threatened in your life. You want to spread joy to those around you. You are starting a new phase in your life.

Cancer for Julie points at simplicity, youth and happiness. You are ready to explore and open yourself to new experiences. A relationship, your job, or a situation is sucking the life and energy out of you. You are displaying much strength and stability.

Leo for Julie points at repressed and negative feelings that you may have about yourself. You need to adapt a more carefree attitude. You are not utilizing your strengths to the fullest potential. You are unable to express yourself effectively.

Virgo for Julie points at greed. You feel like an outsider. You need to think things through before carrying out your actions. You are trying to connect with your husband/wife in the same way that he/she connected with you.

Libra for Julie points at gossip and calamity. You are neglecting aspects of your own self. You need to be more empathetic to others. Your thinking or judgment is being clouded by your emotions.

Scorpio for Julie points at harmony and domestic bliss. You want to explore and experiment. You are heralding new changes into your life. You are able to handle whatever issues or problems that come your way.

Sagittarius for Julie points at responsibilities and expectations. You may be feeling isolated or emotionally restrained. You are acting different. You need to start thinking things through for yourself.

Capricorn for Julie points at hope, victory, tenacity and stamina. You need to respect your past and where you came from. A person is indebted to you in some way. Some pattern in your life is repeating itself, resulting in a viscous cycle.

Aquarius for Julie points at enlightenment, growth, purity, beauty and expansion of the soul. Some important news or information will soon be revealed to you. You are able to stand up again with the help and support of others. You are feeling out of the loop.

Pisces for Julie points at your pessimistic outlook in life. You still have some unfinished work to deal with. You are under some negative influence. You may be locking away your own inner feelings and emotions.

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