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Being playful is a descriptive trait for Jax-James. He is usually a youthful person. He is famous for being sociable most of the time. Jax-James is rarely argumentative. He is well known as being a captivating person. One of the weak trait of Jax-James is being self-denying. He is best at being sharing. He is not best at being a gallant person. He is not profound enough at times. He shines as being a clear-headed person. Some people describe Jax-James as a impressive person. He is rarely a surprising person. He is nowhere near being a libidinous person. Jax-James is sensual.

Jax-James’s Name Persona


Jax-James’s Name Statistics

Jax-James is a male name by
Jax-James is a modern name by score of
Jax-James is a rare name by score of

Jax-James’s Lifetime Aura

MONEY (63)
LOVE (69)

TOTAL AURA (396 out of 500)
  • #3888 in top family aura list
  • #37469 in top success aura list
  • #59290 in top health aura list
  • #108991 in top love aura list
  • #135602 in top money aura list

Jax-James’s Daily Horoscope

Aries for Jax-James points at your desires to reach out to someone. You are trying to suppress your anger, but it is just too much to keep in. You are knocking-on or insulting something or someone. You are holding in a lot of anger.

Taurus for Jax-James points at contentment and satisfaction in your current state. You are taking certain things for granted or that you are not taking the time to notice the little things in life. You need a release. You are helping someone.

Gemini for Jax-James points at your vulnerability regarding some unresolved issues or emotions. You need to incorporate aspects of the opposite gender into your own character. Being in first place or your position at the front. You are all wound-up or tense about some situation.

Cancer for Jax-James points at childhood. You are seeing others achieve what you are still striving for. You play an important role in the grand scheme of things. You to seek help from others.

Leo for Jax-James points at an attack to your soul or to your being. You are literally stuck in a rut. You may not be utilizing your talents to its fullest potential. You are breaking through a hardened emotional barrier and confronting difficult feelings from your subconscious.

Virgo for Jax-James points at your desire to be admired and looked up to. You are trying to get your emotions under control. You are having difficulties getting started on a project. There is too much chaos going on in your life.

Libra for Jax-James points at useless worries over small, trivial matters. You can no longer ignore your friends advices. There is a situation where you are seeking acceptance and wanting to be a part of. You are suffering from feelings of inadequacy.

Scorpio for Jax-James points at peace, tranquility, harmony, affection and innocence. You are able to spread out and enjoy. Your integrity is put into question. You are idealizing family life.

Sagittarius for Jax-James points at emotional balance and strength. You prefer a quiet life of simplicity. You will eventually overcome your obstacles. Something important or significant is happening tonight.

Capricorn for Jax-James points at your need to feel protected. You feel that you are being judged and are tired of pleasing others. You are not getting the emotional support that you are looking for. Someone is looking over you.

Aquarius for Jax-James points at spiritual or physical renewal and forgiveness. You are questioning your goals. You need to re-evaluate your strengths and concentrate your efforts in something more worthwhile. You are about to be enlightened with some knowledge.

Pisces for Jax-James points at the things and aspects of yourself that you share and display to others. You are impressionable and easily influenced. You are in control of your own emotions and passions. You are on your way to achieving your goals.

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