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Elisha-Mai shines as being a hardworking person. She is well known as being a teacherly person. Elisha-Mai is rarely provocative. One of the weak trait of Elisha-Mai is being attractive. She is best at being gracious. She is famous for being practical most of the time. Elisha-Mai is moralistic. She is nowhere near being a foolish person. She is rarely a questioning person. Some people describe Elisha-Mai as a objective person. She is not best at being a sane person. Being self-critical is a descriptive trait for Elisha-Mai. She is not original enough at times. She is usually a genuine person.

Elisha-Mai’s Name Persona


Elisha-Mai’s Name Statistics

Elisha-Mai is a female name by
Elisha-Mai is a modern name by score of
Elisha-Mai is a rare name by score of

Elisha-Mai’s Lifetime Aura

MONEY (84)
LOVE (88)

TOTAL AURA (406 out of 500)
  • #34199 in top love aura list
  • #45005 in top success aura list
  • #50031 in top money aura list
  • #65894 in top health aura list
  • #111557 in top family aura list

Elisha-Mai’s Daily Horoscope

Aries for Elisha-Mai points at the emotional difficulties that you experience in life. Perhaps you are too rigid in your thinking. You need to temporarily escape from your daily life. Your conscience is in inner turmoil.

Taurus for Elisha-Mai points at tenderness, love, nurturance and motherly love. You feel others are walking all over you and taking advantage you. You need to cherish the love you have. You are experiencing a new sense of freedom and calm.

Gemini for Elisha-Mai points at emotional security. You do things without expecting anything in return. Perhaps you have done something or being asked to do something that is out of character. You are trying to escape a situation or issue instead of confronting it.

Cancer for Elisha-Mai points at feelings of rejection or disappointments. You are feeling foolish or embarrassed by some situation. You are prevented from expressing your anger and other negative emotions. You are not facing reality.

Leo for Elisha-Mai points at some instability and lack of control in your life. You are unsatisfied with aspects of your life. It is time to utilize your potential and be more assertive. It is time to lay your future plans and goals.

Virgo for Elisha-Mai points at your tendency to please others and put their needs in front of your own. You are overextending yourself or overstepping your boundaries. Your reputation is called into question. You expect others to be at your feet.

Libra for Elisha-Mai points at the feminine aspect within yourself. You are feeling restrained or censored in your work environment, relationship or situation in your life. Someone is talking about you. Lending money to friends will cause a rift in your relationship.

Scorpio for Elisha-Mai points at repressed thoughts and feelings. Perhaps you need to learn to laugh at yourself. You need to be more active. Perhaps you are not able to effectively vocalize your feelings.

Sagittarius for Elisha-Mai points at the various aspects of your conscious being and how you connect to the universe. You are getting rid of your old habits and former ways of thinking. You are trying to capture some idea or concept. You either have an inflated opinion of yourself or of someone.

Capricorn for Elisha-Mai points at some emotional journey that you are going through. You need to clear you mind and thoughts. You are exploring aspects of your subconscious mind and emotions. You are opening yourself up to new experiences and insights.

Aquarius for Elisha-Mai points at temporary and fleeting worries. You need to find ways to incorporate some good feelings into your life. Opportunities are shut off to you. You need to be more receptive to some new idea, situation, relationship or person.

Pisces for Elisha-Mai points at ease, relaxation and comfort. You like to be the center of attention. You are seeking a new self-identity and self-image. There is a force that is drawing you toward a certain direction, thinking or habit.

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