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Cassien is not sane enough at times. Cassien is rarely unstable. He is usually a seraphic person. He is best at being gracious. He is famous for being methodical most of the time. He is not best at being a magnanimous person. One of the weak trait of Cassien is being self-reliant. He is rarely a hypnotic person. He is well known as being a sharing person. He is nowhere near being a vague person. Being fair is a descriptive trait for Cassien. Cassien is mellow. He shines as being a honorable person. Some people describe Cassien as a incisive person.

Cassien’s Name Persona


Cassien’s Name Statistics

Cassien is a male name by
Cassien is a modern name by score of
Cassien is a rare name by score of

Cassien’s Lifetime Aura

MONEY (64)
LOVE (60)

TOTAL AURA (372 out of 500)
  • #24937 in top success aura list
  • #40641 in top family aura list
  • #98945 in top health aura list
  • #130304 in top money aura list
  • #145250 in top love aura list

Cassien’s Daily Horoscope

Aries for Cassien points at the way you handle things. You tend to play the role of the victim. You need to cut-out or eliminate something from your life. You are experiencing some inner conflict and turmoil.

Taurus for Cassien points at higher knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. You need to inject more energy into your life. Our goals in life have changed. You are rising to a high position.

Gemini for Cassien points at some indiscretion or thoughtlessness. You are letting a situation dominate you or dictate how you behave. You are feeling desperate to escape from your present reality. You are overlooking some minor issue that will have significant consequences.

Cancer for Cassien points at a budding new love that is blossoming in your life. An analytical and logical mind. Some person or situation is adding chaos to your emotional life. You need to allow yourself more freedom to do something.

Leo for Cassien points at the knowledge you have accumulated over the years. You may be trying to blame someone for something. A situation in your current life may be reminding you of your relationship with your ex. Perhaps something has made you emotionally numb.

Virgo for Cassien points at your inner fears. You need to integrate aspects of your mind and your body. Perhaps there is something in your subconscious that you are trying to prevent from emerging. You need to take better care of some aspect of yourself or some aspect of your relationship.

Libra for Cassien points at a reserve a energy that you are waiting to exert. You need to set some time for more relaxation and enjoyment in your life. You are expressing some anxiety over your actions and the fear that you will be exposed. You are keeping your true self hidden.

Scorpio for Cassien points at your determination, ambition and struggle. Your life is too structured. You are afraid to confront the unknown aspects of yourself. You are being influenced by the beliefs and wishes of others.

Sagittarius for Cassien points at the carefree nature of childhood. It is time to take the next step and make the plunge. You are afraid of letting others get to know the real you. You may be punishing yourself for your misdeeds or past actions.

Capricorn for Cassien points at your social life. You are being taken advantage of in some way. You need to take time for some self introspection. You are in misery or agony over something.

Aquarius for Cassien points at the negative aspects of your own self that you are ashamed about or not proud of. You may be fighting or struggling against aspects of your own Self. There is an issue or problem plaguing you. You are approaching your problem all wrong.

Pisces for Cassien points at nurturance and richness. You are well-grounded and connected to nature and the earth. You want to escape to a simpler way of life. You are asserting yourself and making your thoughts and feelings known.

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