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Being dignified is a descriptive trait for Abbie-Jai. She is not best at being a prudent person. Abbie-Jai is rarely complaintive. She is not urbane enough at times. Abbie-Jai is proud. She is best at being elegant. She shines as being a reverential person. Some people describe Abbie-Jai as a spontaneous person. She is nowhere near being a callous person. She is usually a hardworking person. She is well known as being a faithful person. She is famous for being decisive most of the time. One of the weak trait of Abbie-Jai is being popular. She is rarely a freewheeling person.

Abbie-Jai’s Name Persona


Abbie-Jai’s Name Statistics

Abbie-Jai is a female name by
Abbie-Jai is a modern name by score of
Abbie-Jai is a rare name by score of

Abbie-Jai’s Lifetime Aura

MONEY (71)
LOVE (65)

TOTAL AURA (334 out of 500)
  • #101329 in top money aura list
  • #107854 in top health aura list
  • #125708 in top love aura list
  • #128465 in top family aura list
  • #133990 in top success aura list

Abbie-Jai’s Daily Horoscope

Aries for Abbie-Jai points at issues with your self-image. You may not be expressing your feelings appropriately. You need to celebrate, communicate, embrace and express your feelings. You miss some aspect of a past relationship.

Taurus for Abbie-Jai points at repressed emotional desires and your needs for physical and emotional love. You are reluctant to move forward in some endeavor. You feel that you are not able to fully express your desires and emotions. You are looking for some sort of acknowledgment in your life.

Gemini for Abbie-Jai points at seduction and sensuality, as well as fear and death. You need to lay a solid foundation in order to grow. You are feeling wired. You find contentment and satisfaction in what you have.

Cancer for Abbie-Jai points at dietary balance. Time has ran out and you do not have time to accomplish all the things you want. You may want to find a way out of a situation. You are in need of a major change in your life.

Leo for Abbie-Jai points at an achievement or goal that has been reached. You are headed down an undesirable path. You are afraid that you are not presenting yourself in a positive light or image. You are being manipulated and deceived.

Virgo for Abbie-Jai points at hard work and diligence. You are afraid of losing what you have. You are behaving or acting inappropriately in some situation. You need to be more compassionate or giving.

Libra for Abbie-Jai points at fertility, creativity and the birth of new ideas. Carefully plot out your goals so you can move ahead in life. You need to express your inner strengths and desires. You are experiencing new found freedom.

Scorpio for Abbie-Jai points at a rocky end to some journey. You need to acknowledge and incorporate some aspect or characteristic into your self-image. Some emotions that you are holding back are on the verge of erupting. You believe others can see your shortcomings or insecurities.

Sagittarius for Abbie-Jai points at your fun and free spirit. You are ready to move on from your ex. You are looking for acknowledgement for a job well done. You may be expressing a desire to be more dominant in some situation or relationship.

Capricorn for Abbie-Jai points at your confidence in your pursuits and where you are headed in life. Some pattern in your life is repeating itself, resulting in a viscous cycle. Perhaps you are showing your delicate and feminize side. You need to act more smartly about a situation.

Aquarius for Abbie-Jai points at the Self. Perhaps you need to get to the bottom of some situation. Perhaps you are compensating for your rigidity and stiffness in your life. You are involved in some bitter rivalry.

Pisces for Abbie-Jai points at your anxieties about your daily problems. Something may not be what it appears to be. Things are not always what it seems. You have difficulties telling what is right and wrong.

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